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Cental Hosting Compatibility



Central Hosting

Central hosting is a form of remote desktop that can only be accessed through internet explorer.

The Central Hosting address is:
Going to this link and logging in should be enough for most people.

In cases of Central Hosting not working the easy way of checking why is through the compatibility checker. The compatibility checker is at the left of the main central hosting webpage.

The compatibility checker should be a list of which each item should have a tick or a cross next to it.

Most issues that are not too major and can be resolved by the simply clicking the link provided next to the issue.

The goal should be to have a tick next to every item on the list.

For example, I was missing screwdrivers from my laptop. Screwdrivers is what allows you to use local printers with central hosting. Without screwdrivers installed no connectable printers will show up in you print list.

The screwdrivers will need to be configured per user on the PC.

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